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Wood Ceiling for a Restaurant


Wood Ceiling for a RestaurantWood ceiling for a restaurant in Texas, complete with a large glazed wall and an open kitchen. ATX Cocina is located at the base of a residential complex in Downtown Austin, and is lined with light wood floors and floor-to-ceiling windows. The arched ceiling is covered in light-toned pine to add character to the restaurant. A rifled wood pattern made of geometric paneling also features on a portion of the ceiling. Another focal point of the space is a large built-in glass wall follows the ceiling.

This glazed divide runs along the cross section of the space, breaking up the large dining room and creating a more private eating area just beyond. Tables and floors are a darker-hued pecan, while copper wire mesh and hot-rolled carbon steel provide accents elsewhere. The layout comprises an open-plan kitchen with high tables and stools, with a set of communal tables and cushioned seating nearby. A built-in bench runs across the glazed wall, accompanied by a series of smaller tables.

Other areas of the restaurant include a wine counter and crudo area, along with an outdoor dining section that is shaded by large oak trees. Taupe coloured upholstery covers the benches, with a vibrant striped fabric. Local firm Michael Hsu Office of Architecture designed the interiors for the modern Mexican restaurant with wood detailing and geometric shapes throughout, to enhance the pre-built space. Closer to the kitchen, darker tones of black, grey, and green can be found.