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Window Ideas for Spring


These ideas can help turn a window into a fresh, lively focal point. And they work for different kinds of windows and windowsills, too. Come on and let the light shine in!

1. Fake flowers for a lush view. Just attach a suction cup towel rack and hang your favorite artificial plants and flowers. It’ll feel like spring without any sneezes, and you don’t have to drill or worry about wilting!

2. Show off real signs of spring. Mixing different shapes, sizes of frames, domes, vases, and carafes creates an eye-catching look.

Window Ideas for SpringA collection and put nature in focus, go for lighter shades of transparent glass and plastic. 3. Layer curtains to play with light and color a room. One or two airy sheers close to a window let light in while creating privacy.

Room`s Light Level
A thicker one on top lowers a room’s general light level. For easy-change layers, you can put up multi-track curtain rods and rails.

Start Spring Cleaning
We want the outdoors to look like spring has already sprung. We start spring cleaning our house and opening up the windows to let the fresh air in and the stale winter air out.

Clean those windows!
Especially during the spring season, it is important that you decorate the display. The lighting and colors that you use for the display are also important. Try vibrant colors that will light up the area.

Add Spring to Your Windows
Adding some spring to your windows will really help welcome in this wondrous season. Here are our favorite ideas to do just that. Windows are a big part of our spring time experience.

Time for Plants
If your windows are not in the best of condition and no amount of cleaning, repair or decorating can make them better. Spring is the time of renewal for plants, flowers and trees. Placing some house plants on your window sill is a great way to bring that feel of renewal into your home.