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White Glass Swirl Ornament

White Glass Swirl Ornament

Handcrafted from glass, this pretty decorative glass ornament makes a perfect piece for your home. This timeless sculpture makes a fantastic talking point. Buy this lovely piece of glass work. It fits well into any space and looks stylish with its swirls and curl shape. This elegant swirl ornament will look beautiful in any home. From glass, this decorative glass ornament makes a nice piece for any home.

This timeless sculpture makes a fantastic shelf ornament. A glass Object d’Art small white swirl ornament. This beautiful Object d’Art swirl ornament boasts a rich white color to create an eye-catching decorative piece. Decorative use only – This piece is to be enjoyed for decoration only. To clean, wipe with a damp, soft cloth. If the piece has any antiquing, pat with a dry, soft cloth.

Discover great decorative accessories. This is a wintery looking ornament. Glass swirl white. A fun and festive design for every season. Swirl white glass ornament. Ornament with white frozen swirl. This swirled ornament is truly a beautiful way to decorate white glass ornament. White  ornaments can be found in stores also. You can use ornaments to match the décor or theme of your house.