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Ways to Use Display Box

Ways to Use Display BoxCreative use of display box… A clear acrylic display box is like a mini museum for prized possessions. With these ideas, a display box can also help you relax a little, save money, treat yourself and relive memories. 1. Make an itty bitty beach retreat and drift away anytime. Layer in some sand. Add in small beachy things like a doll’s easy chair, a drink umbrella and a pool (aka baking cup). The lid keeps sand in when you’re not playing. 2. Encourage yourself to meet a savings goal.

See what you’re saving up for and how much you have (or haven’t) collected. 3. Create a candy dispenser by filling the box with your favourite wrapped sweets. (It’s easiest to fill when it’s on its feet.) Slide up the front protector and grab a goody—or catch a few if they come sliding out! 4. Spotlight a memorable occasion with a shadow box. Arrange mementoes, photos, invites, etc. from a special event like a wedding, party or vacation. Choose whether you want to place it vertically or horizontally.

When everything’s in the display box, you can reminisce and keep it all protected. Looking for a display box? Or new ways to use one? Check out these ideas to use BJÖRNARP as a beach in a box, money box, candy dispenser and shadow box. Despite their simple construction, boxes can have many different forms and functions. Add a new creative dimension to your shelves! With this display box you can show off a collection, or memories from your latest trip. Change and rearrange as often as you like.