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Want Space for the Kids?


Want Space for the Kids?Want space for the kids to play house? Look at your home through their eyes, and you can create new places for play in furniture you have. In a child’s room or living room, these dollhouse ideas are easy to set up, tidy up and hide away. 1. Drawer dwellings. Mansion? Apartments? Drawer units can be all kinds of dollhouses (secured to the wall, of course). They help make space for several kids to play together, too. A washi tape outline on the wall adds to the homey feel.

For clean up, just toss everything in the drawers. Done. 2. Cozy cabinets. When is a cabinet not a cabinet? When there’s a doll family living inside! You can even decorate the shelf edges to add architectural details. After playtime, collect any stray dolls or furniture and shut the doors. Don’t have extra space to a full-time playroom? Check out these fun solutions. A fun space for the kids to go and play and just have fun! A fun space for the kids to go and play and just have fun!

Kids can play safely in playhouses. How to create multifunctional play areas that have plenty of space for kids. And the space can house all ages. Build a child’s playhouse with basic building materials and create a space for children. Kids love these adorable places to play – and what a wonderful use of space! A great indoor play space for kids up to 10 years, where everyone can join in too. A fun space packed with dollhouses for the kids to play and just have fun!

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