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Trends for the Modern Parent

Trends for the Modern Parent

For decades decorating, your nursery has been done pretty routine like, almost in a uniformed manner- if it’s a baby boy hues of blue or green are used, while if it’s a girl shades of pink, white, and pastels are displayed. This year there has been a bit of a change, more and more parents are becoming inclined to have a gender-neutral room. Having a gender-neutral room is not only on trend but its quite the modern accent. While not all of these are gender-neutral they sure are modern. Plaid is one of those prints that just feels cool and modern.

Think of it as a neutral pattern that works well in any space. Furthermore, plaid is quite a cozy focal point. Pair with chic wall décor, and fun pieces that make the room feel grand. You want the room to come together while being the main accent piece on the wall. Boho and farmhouse décor got a whole lot more fun, by fun we mean hipper. Farmhouse décor has become a top contender when it comes to decorating any space in the home, so it makes sense to add a rustic aesthetic in your nursery as well. The key is taking it a step further and going chic.

Add layers of white, natural wood, paired with black, gray and navy to take classic rustic trends up a notch. Organic accents and natural greenery as part of home décor has increased greatly. It’s become one of the most sought-after decorating styles, not only that, but it’s quite gender neutral as well. Think natural woods, large leafy wallpaper, chic plants and an array of fun bits that feel natural to the room. The idea is to make the room feel natural, cohesive and aesthetically pleasing without taking away from your overall décor.

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