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Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art


Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art

You can hang toilet paper rolls outside the toilet door, hehehe, I find it a li’l amusing. I think it looks kinda cool though, don’t you?

There are several gazillion posts for toilet paper craft. Just cut up toilet rolls (I used a toilet paper brand, the toilet paper isn’t glued to the roll, so perfect for reusing!), approx 3/4″ thick, paint as desired (I painted the outside red and left the inside white which looks kinda cool), and then when it’s all dry, using a hot glue gun just glue together in the design you like. I quite like the 5 petalled flower look, so glued all the flowers together, then arranged them in a way that I thought looked nice, then glued them all together. Then I just put it over a picture hook nail in the wall.
My one smiling point for the day 🙂