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Timeless Chrome Fixtures


Bathroom fixtures – how timeless they look. Shown above is a wall-mounted lavatory chrome faucet. Wall shower with rain jets and light in chrome. Freestanding lavatory faucet in chrome. Vessel bathroom faucet in chrome. Freestanding tub filler in chrome. Small touches can drastically change the personality of a room. Unless you’ve done a kitchen or bath remodel, you probably haven’t witnessed the influence a faucet finish can have. While stainless steel and chrome faucets are classic for kitchens and bathrooms.

Bring your style to your space. Let’s compare how faucet finishes can complete a room. Champagne Bronze is eloquent. The look of muted, brushed gold feels modern enough to be on the cutting edge. Set against a neutral landscape of whites and grays, this makes a faucet. Tried and true. The neutral, low-gloss finish looks good on anything. Here, the clean lines and geometric forms of the faucet in a blended, transitional space. Deciding on that perfect faucet finish for your kitchen or bath can be a difficult task, a more traditional aesthetic!

You know the look you’ve envisioned for the space and want to make sure the finish you choose really adds that extra styling. But there are a lot of options out there, and several that are really similar. Since we know as well as you do that sometimes the little differences and make all the difference. Style – Chrome is a great faucet for just about any style but can draw attention. If you’re looking a stand out fixture, chrome may be the finish for you. If you’re looking for something other than chrome that is still a great compliment to traditional style and design.