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The World’s Most Expensive Pillow with Diamonds and 24-Carat Gold Cover


The World's Most Expensive Pillow with Diamonds and 24-Carat Gold Cover

A businessman has introduced what has been dubbed the world’s most expensive pillow, complete with 24-carat gold and diamonds.

Costing more than the average car, the luxury sleeping aid comes with a whopping price tag of $56,995 (£44,171).

The Tailormade Pillow Gold Edition features a memory foam core that is milled using robotic machines, hand-sticked Mulberry silk, Egyptian cotton, and 24-carat gold cover, developed with the Royal Textile Museum in Tilburg.

The zipper even features a 22.5-carat sapphire and four diamonds for good measure.

It was designed by physical therapist and neck specialist Thijs van der Hilst from Holland, and is based on an algorithm the inventor created 15 years ago.

This algorithm allows Thijs to create the right size and shape pillow for every person, with clients lying on their side, back or stomach in order to be scanned as part of the research process.

The gold fabric, Thijs said, blocks out any electromagnetic radiation during a night’s rest and is the world’s first “real cold fabric,” offering an element of cooling.

It will be displayed at the INDEX Design Series at the Dubai World Trade Centre between May 22 and May 25. The pillow was designed by Thijs van der Hilst from Holland.

Thijs said: “As a cervical specialist I used to send my patients to a bed store to buy a good pillow.

“But what is the right pillow for which patient? If there are three sizes of pillows available, which one would fit the best? Large for a man?

“But what if this man sleeps on his stomach? Or what if a petit lady has a tiny neck and sleeps on a firm mattress? Are three sizes of pillow height enough to fit everybody?

“That would be the same as going to a shoe store that only offered three shoe sizes, and you had to choose one of them without knowing your exact size – weird, right?

“The technology is totally new, and we use a portable scanner to get a 3D image of our clients.

“There is a lot of interest in the pillow, from all over the world.”