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The Bird’s Nest Treehouse


The Bird's Nest Treehouse

The Bird’s Nest is part of the Treehotel compound in Sweden and well-camouflaged with branches secluding the view. Inside the treehouse is pure luxury with its circular design. Discover another geodesic beauty in a smaller design. The Bird’s nest is built on the contrasts between the outside and inside. The treeroom’s exterior is nothing but a gigantic bird’s nest.

It gives a camouflage so you quickly disappear and become part of the surroundings. The interior, on the other hand, is familiar and exclusive. It’s a spacious environment where a family with two children can comfortably spread out. The walls are clad with wood panels and the windows almost disappear in the exterior’s network of branches. The room is 17m².

And has separate bedrooms, toilets, and living area. Showers and sauna are located in two separate buildings close by. You go in the Bird’s Nest with the help of a retractable staircase. Is open for Treehotel’s guests, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in an authentic 1930-1950’s setting. When you arrive at Treehotel, it’s a short stroll through the breathtaking nature to your treeroom.