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Take Control of Your TV and Tech

Take Control of Your TV and Tech

Where’s the remote?! We hear that all the time, too. Same goes for tablets, game controllers and head phones. So we came up with some low-tech tips to organize and hide all those high-tech living room things. 1. Your TV doesn’t hide from you, but you can hide it. Put curtain rails above it and hang fabric panels. Depending on the look you want, go for fabric that pops or blends in. Your remotes? Store them in closed drawers by the TV. They’re out of sight but not playing hide and seek!

2. Smart furniture is your friend—big or small. Choose a storage unit with mesh doors that blur consoles from view and let signals through. An open back helps arrange cables, too. Store most-used tech stuff in a basket on top. Put the rest in boxes. The bag? It’s designed to hide power strips and cords. 3. Stuff all over your sofa? Leave it there, sort of. Drape pocket organizers on the back and the arm—one for each person and their tech accessories. Glue or iron on fun fabric to personalize. The catch?

You still have to remember what each remote does! (Markers or labels might help.) We love to see our customers get creative with our products. Go for it! But please note that altering or modifying IKEA products so they can no longer be re-sold or used for their original purpose, means the IKEA commercial warranties and your right to return the products will be lost. Shelf unit, hanging organizer for accessories for TV and tech and to organize and hide all those high-tech living room things.