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Summer in Your City Oasis

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When it comes to decorating your home, do you prefer the Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter style? Below, we show you our favourites and how to put them together in your home.

Bring furniture outdoors. An outdoor set-up like this shady spot can function as a breakfast room, reading nook or dinner table when the weather’s nice.

There are lots of easy ways to welcome summer around your home. The large table, this entertaining area is full of charming home decor inspiration.

Summer in Your City OasisThe greatest source ever for unique home decor. Decorate every room in your house for summer. This summer, give your door a simple refresh.

The Idea of Outdoor Living
Dress up your home this summer with fun, easy decor projects inspired by of-the-moment design trends. Lighten the look of your home for warm-weather months with these breezy decor ideas.

Restyle with Natural Decor
There’s a lot you can do with your home to make the weather bearable. Everlasting evenings are here for everyone to celebrate. But what to do if you’re left in the city? Here’s what.

Find a corner of the city and make it yours.
Pick a spot – a car park, your backyard, wherever – and use textiles to soften up the scene. It doesn’t take a lot to make it cozy for a whole group. Lay out rugs, pouffes and cushions, add lighting and something to eat and drink. Now you’re all set to savor the night.

Serve it on the go – so everone can stay put.
Make your party portable. Carry food, drinks and snacks in containers that are easy to bring along. VARIERA keeps your drinks cold, and people can focus on the present instead of running errands.

Light up the night.
Set the finishing touch with some mood lighting. Whether you hang them above or use them in candle shape, LEDs won’t burn, spill or blow out from a gust of wind.

Leave it like you found it.
When dawn draws nearer, fold up your party and take it home as easy as you got it in place. Then wait for the next starry night in the city.