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Steel Structure Similar to a Cocoon All Around a Swimming Pool


A steel structure similar to a cocoon round a swimming pool in the garden of a private builder-owner in Austria. With panels and interior constructions which are more or less depending on their function the parametric organized spatial element. A free-form steel ‘cocoon’ built over a private swimming pool. Proceeding from the task to redefine an existing garden property with view of lake.

Simultaneously create provisions on views and a demarcation in direction of the surrounding properties an neighbors the theme of the classic rustic fence was taken up. Partly covered, withdrawn and protected, then opening and finally in the middle or in the end in the water of the pool where you can swim out of it. Different integrated constructions like stairs, seats, lying areas or a table.

And pool covering, all are in its definition in a geometrical relation with the original construction; they emerge only to become part of the structure again. The integrated panels follow a dynamic course from the orthogonal edge into the described space, to develop in the central parts in relation to the steel structure from the inside to the outside or to dissolve more and more along the vertical.