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Spring Trends: Get the Nature-Inspired Look

Spring Trends: Get the Nature-Inspired LookNature captures our attention through the senses and helps us to relax and escape stressors. Learn how to mix and match two different natural looks to bring some benefits of the great outdoors inside. Create a calm and coordinated look. Use earth tones to form a warm base. Think sandy beaches, fields of grains and desert canyons. Add an accent hue in shades of blue for a calming effect reminiscent of the sea and sky. How to furnish the look. Try relaxing neutrals on bigger items.

You will probably keep these pieces for a long time, so a pale base that can be updated easily gives lots of flexibility. Then add a few accent pieces (cushions, side tables, vases) in shades of blue. Play with textures. This style is all about mixing textures to add interest to the room – think genuine leather, solid wood and rattan. Don’t be afraid of imperfections such as rough surfaces or leather with patina – those details just give extra character to your interior.

Decorate with natural elements. Materials that are kind to you and the environment, such as a soft throw made from more sustainable cotton and pure linen. Add authenticity with a handcrafted rug and an imperfect clay vase for a one-of-a-kind style. Decorating with natural elements will breathe new life inside your home. Even if your home is more contemporary a play on nature can spark a bit of creativity in an unsuspecting nook or cranny around the house.

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