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Smart Home Innovations at COMPUTEX 2018

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AIoT (Artificial Intelligence oThings) Starts to Tap Household Market

Leading technology providers are gearing up for showcasing latest smart home applications and solutions at the upcoming COMPUTEX 2018. The expanding lineups of smart home products come on the heels of rapid developments of wireless communications and AI technologies.

According to Gartner, by 2020 there will be 3.93 billion connected smart home devices around the world, compared to a total of 530 million in 2017. While such objects represented 23% of all devices used in smart cities in 2017, the share is expected to increase to 44% in 2020, a sign that households are poised to account for a much bigger share of the demand for IoT than businesses and utilities.

Smart Home Innovations at COMPUTEX 2018“Home is where daily-life demand happens. For software or hardware vendors here and abroad, the next battleground will be personalizing the smart-home experience by tapping both IoT and AI. As technology heavyweights scurry to invest and position themselves in this field, we can expect smart home solutions connected via voice or mobile applications to create a more diverse and convenient smart home environment for users in ways that are secure, energy-efficient and accessible,” said Mr. Walter Yeh, TAITRA President & CEO.

With a focus on diversity of services, three types of smart home applications will disrupt modern lifestyle

In the area of home surveillance, StarVedia’s IP network camera products can be easily configured and then allow users to monitor home security from home or any other location in real time. Gateways from TASHI Smartech connect platforms such as televisions and mobile apps and integrate services including video door intercoms and telecare to provide users a comprehensive security solution and make home surveillance smarter and easier.

For energy management and automation at homes, Netvox Technology will demonstrate at COMPUTEX 2018 a LoRa-enabled infrared sensor, which, with motion detection capabilities, monitors movement in the surveillance areas and tracks temperature and light levels at any time. Also, EQL Technology will showcase a smart home butler that allows users to control home appliances remotely through mobile apps, in addition to a smart plug that provides visibility to energy consumption at homes and supports scheduling for powering electronics on and off automatically.

In the field of smart home healthcare, another segment where many achievements have been made in driving greater values, Honeywld Technology will demonstrate a personal alarm designed exclusively for seniors. When an elderly user falls or runs into any emergency, the device automatically sends an SOS alert with GPS location. The user can also use a one-touch dial button to reach relatives, friends or medical organizations.

COMPUTEX 2018 is slated for June 5th to 9th (InnoVEX from June 6th to 8th). SmarTEX is an exhibition area for smart home and entertainment technologies at Exhibition Hall 1 of Taipei World Trade Center. The five-day event will bring together suppliers of smart home applications and solutions ranging from chips to devices. As exhibitors join hands to present diverse IoT and AI applications, a brand new look of future homes and lifestyle awaits at COMPUTEX 2018.