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Save Your Favorite Parts of Summer


Save Your Favorite Parts of SummerVases are an easy way to make a room look lovely. These basics of home decorating not only bring structure and interest into your home, but they naturally dress up any space with color and texture. Here are inspiring ways to use them to decorate your home. A bright colored vase with few sticks or branches right on the front door ensures a warm welcome to your guests when they visit you at home. Vases are a wonderful way to add an organic touch.

See how you can keep your summer feelings warm all year round. We dedicated a living-room corner to celebrating the season. Keep it light and natural Light wood and a dash of greenery completes your corner, unaffected by the passing of seasons. IKEA interior designer adds: “Here we couldn’t resist modifying KRUSNING a bit. We hung a few paper raindrops as a playful wink to unsteady weather. Unfortunate for us, cherished by plants.”

Decorate with vases. Glass is a fragile material, robust design. Be especially careful when lifting, moving and putting down the vase on hard surfaces, or if you fill it with decorative fillers, such as stones. Perfect to use for striking flower arrangements and centrepieces, or to pair with some mixed greenery. Cylinder vase set, a summer vase idea for your home. A super easy summer vase to make a summer table. Looking for the perfect summer flower vase? You can stop your search with IKEA Cylinder vase set.

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