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Projects That’ll Fill an Empty Wall With Style

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If you’re looking for ways to fill your blank wall, look no further. Knowing how to decorate a wall isn’t complicated once you know the basics. Avoid awkward open spaces on your wall by maximizing coverage of its width and height.

If your wall is especially wide, create a large photo arrangement that stretches from side to side. If you have a tall wall, consider stretching your photos further up. The walls are just waiting to be filled, but figuring out how, there’s so much to consider, after all. Creative ways to fill empty wall space.

You’ll definitely want to decorate your walls once you see these! Are you ready to fill your blank wall in style? Use the tips from our guide to create wall decor that matches your personality and offers new look to the room. For an arrangement that matches your vision and brings life to your home.

Projects That'll Fill an Empty Wall With StyleDesign with Tiles
Add design and style with tiles. Infuse color with flower vases. Place plates onto the wall. Layer colored slabs of wood. Put a collage of windows. Turn wooden letters into decor.

Be Choosy on Wall Decorations
By being choosy, your wall decorations will look more professional. Don’t have enough photos to fill your space? To bring personality and life to your rooms` wall decor, arrange your pieces at varying levels and heights. Alter the amount of space between photos in a balanced fashion, so your wall has aesthetic appeal but isn’t bad looking.

Bring in the Greenery
Add a splash of color and contrast by arranging a potted plant near the wall, either on the floor or on a shelf, desk or side table. Green plants are especially effective if you’re wanting to create a peaceful and tranquil ambience—or one with an edgy, fresh feel.

Create A Colored Wall
That’s right, you no longer have to wonder what to do with a blank wall. A single color of paint can brighten your entire room—and it’s one of the easiest projects to do. Choose a paint color by considering what matches the style and tone of your furniture and other decor. Paint an accent wall to add depth and dimension to your space.

Incorporate Inspirational Quotes
Want an easy way to add special meaning and personality to your living room, kitchen or bedroom? Frame your favorite quotes and intersperse them with photo prints.

Match Style And Color
Imagine living room wall decor that didn’t match the style and vibe of the rest of the room. To avoid this, choose photos and frames that align with the overall style and colors of your existing room. Things to consider are your wall color, furniture, rugs and lighting. This doesn’t mean everything should match piece for piece, but that the colors and styles correlate.