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Prince Paisley Park House


Prince’s famous home and recording studio is now a shrine to the legendary singer … packed with tons of memorabilia from his career. These photographs showing the inside of the 50,000-acre complex where Prince was found dead have revealed how the singer was obsessed with music and loved purple. Above, one of the many rooms in the mansion. $10m Paisley Park estate in Minnesota where Prince was found unresponsive was built for musician in the 1980s. Mansion includes huge 10-man wardrobe, rehearsal rooms, relaxation spaces and studios where he produced music. It is where Prince spent hours producing hit songs and videos that delighted millions of fans across the world.

So it is unsurprising that the award-winning singer’s $10million mansion reflects his dedication to the industry. A virtual tour of the Paisley Park estate in Minnesota, released a couple of years ago to fans, showed the extravagant complex, where the 57-year-old was found unresponsive in an elevator on Thursday, in all its glory. Viewers were able to catch a glimpse of the musician’s 10-man wardrobe, where dozens of his colourful outfits were likely to have been hung, as well as dance rehearsal room.

A huge recording studio, which was designed by architect Bret Theony, was the home to many of the star’s musical instruments, with guitars propped against purple and pink chairs and a keyboard in the middle of the room. Elsewhere in the house, a room seemingly dedicated to relaxation – with large sofas next to an acoustic performance area – was lit by purple lights. These photos were taken inside Paisley Park and reveal some of what fans could be seeing in the near future. Sheila E. has said plans are in the works to turn PP into a museum. Check out the gallery — Prince’s awards, photos, costumes (yeah, the “Raspberry Beret” one), and even his famous motorcycle … it’s all there. Think Graceland. But cooler. And more purple.

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