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Phosphorus Snowflake Wall Ceiling Ornament and Accessory


Phosphorous snowflake stickers glittering in the dark, luminous room wall ceiling trim. The battery has an infinite energy cycle without the need for extra power supply.

You can use phosphorous snowflake for child room, bedroom wall, ceiling decoration. The sunshine absorbs the rays within 5 minutes of seeing the fluorescent light in the yada and gives perfect phosphor light for 2-3 hours at night.

It performs its shining in a very short time thanks to special substance in its content. The sun or light energies emit the energy that it collects in its surroundings and in the dark.

Phosphorus Snowflake Wall Ceiling AccessoryPhosphorus Snowflake
When the energy they collect is gone, it disappears into the light. In this way there is an infinite energy transformation, never lose its feature. It does not contain toxic and radioactive substances. It is not harmful to nature.

Color Snowflakes Show
As you can see from the picture and the video there are 7-9 big color snowflakes shown on, creating a magic atmosphere in Christmas, holiday, party, home, garden and landscape decoration and design!

Bright Pattern
Light is in best quality, with high brightness LED beads, accessing to brighter projected pattern than other normal projector lamps, which is safe to your eyes.

High Quality
With durable and waterproof design, it can withstand different kinds of weather including sun, rain, intense sunlight or snow outside.

Easy To Use
These spotlights is very easy to setup and use! Plug in it and the light show will go on! Also, it comes with a garden spike used to set on the ground if you want to use it outdoors.