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Paper Accordin Sofa Folds and Bends


Paper Accordin Sofa Folds and Bends

The Accordin Sofa is more of a flexible bench than a sofa. But that doesn’t distract from its innovative design. The entire sofa or bench is mostly made from Kraft paper or cardboard. The Kraft paper is layered which allows the bench to pulled apart and expand. Fully extended, the Accordin Sofa can reach a length of 2 meters. It is designed to sit 3 people with a maximum load of 300 kg per seat. The accordion-like structure of the Kraft paper allows the bench to bend and curve.

The two ends can even be attached together to form a circular, donut-like seat. When not in use, the sofa can be fully collapsed to a very compact 16 x 12 x 3 inches. This makes the sofa ideal as extra seating for guests for a party or other social events. After the event, just collapse and store away the sofas. Kraft paper used for the construction is unbleached to ensure minimal chemical treatment and is fully biodegradable. It is also tear and puncture resistant.

A layer of bitumen provides some moisture and water resistance. It won’t allow for the sofa to be used as outdoor furniture. But it will not get damaged by spills if you dry it up quickly. The Accordin Sofa is a portable paper bench made from special Kraft paper. It seats 3 and folds away compactly and requires minimal storage space. Furniture incorporates an ‘accordion-like’ structure to create durable. Breathable product that not only can be used as a decoration, but also furniture.

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