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Norwegian Office


Norwegian OfficeThe latest architecture and designs from Norway. Nordic Office of Architecture. Month, April 2018. Lounge, Entrance Area. Work Space. Meeting Room and working area. These are the new offices of a Norwegian company. Get inspired with office ideas and photos for your home refresh or remodel. Every workplace has its own unique office design ideas, needs and requirements that standardized sizes often cannot accommodate. Interior concepts can help with office design ideas.

The essence of modern interior design includes basic shapes, functional lines, materials like metal, chrome, and glass – and furnishings without decorative parts. Modern offices vary in size and layout, and often the availability of furniture dictates the office design when it really should be the other way around. Offices should be designed to facilitate their primary function. Whether you need office furniture for private offices, high-density employee areas, reception spaces, or training classrooms.

Contemporary and unique office interiors and design. Modern interior design for office space? It can be dynamic, it can be fun, it can be modern, don’t doubt it. Colors, robust materials, and intriguing shapes adorn the rich variety of working premises. An industrial hint of exposed ceilings, polished concrete floors and modernistic furniture with intriguing shapes is softened by natural materials like wood and stone, glass and metal and additionally enriched by soft textures and high characteristic colors.