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Natural Decor Elements


Using natural decor elements while we decorate our homes bring a natural appearance to the home. Even with a bouquet of flowers picked from garden, or sea shells we collected from seaside, we can create enough natural and as beautiful as that home environment. By putting flowers, sea shells, or an amount of sand we bought from seaside into a chic glass vase, it is possible to catch a unique harmony on the desk or on the dining room.

With colors and shapes of elements taken right from the nature, our outdoors and indoors have a home with fascinating ambience. Original colors and shapes of flowers and stones cannot be compared with any other decorative accessories. The beauty of natural colors are excellent for home decorating. Materials which can be combined best with flowers and stones are glass, crystal and silver goods and also metal and soil accessories.

Natural Decor ElementsDon’t Forget Water
Water has a great importance in feng shui rules as well which has a high importance in decoration world and it is being used in home and garden decoratings. In garden decor and in general outdoor decor, water is used together with stones and sand to bring about a natural fountain. Inside the home, water is used with glass and crystal vases to create a home interior decor supported with fresh flowers and stones support placed in.

Silver and Bronze
Silver and bronze are other materials used in decoratings with natural decor elements. Silver trays, silver jewellery boxes, jars with silver lid and bronze trays, bronze jewellery boxes, jars with bronze lid can form a so lovely bedroom decor in the make-up table. Soil boxes and boxes with soil lid bring about a creative displays on make-up tables.

Wood and Wooden Accessories
Other important materials within organic decor point of view are wood or wooden according to your like and taste. Wood and wooden decorative accessories each one are a part of natural decor elements. So wood and wooden pieces are always used in home and garden decorations. Wood and wooden tables, wood and wooden chairs, also in home interior decoratings wood and wooden trays, wood and wooden figurines and trinkets are used to form a country home decoration. This type of a decor with natural elements can be used in four seasons of the year…