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Montecito Residence – Exterior/Landscape


Structural members such as steel beams, concrete columns, trusses and girders that are often left hidden, can be used to give an industrial feel to a project and an expressed style that can carry through the design. Designed out of fire resistant materials, this home with it’s raw materials uses it to blend into the landscape. A single-family home set in the fire-prone Toro Canyon.

Upswept roof forms at the entrance and over the primary living spaces give the house its distinctive profile, while channeling rainwater for use on site. The 100-foot-long central hallway allows naturally cool offshore breezes to circulate. The front door, a tall Dutch door, lets fresh air in while maintaining privacy. The ocean and mountain views and the privacy afforded by the 10‑acre site.

The central hallway creates an axis dividing public from private spaces: the garage, road, and entrance lie to the east; the garden, pool, guest rooms, and other living spaces lie to the west. The hallway ends in a glass and steel box turned 180 degrees to maximize the spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. The design was a direct response to the site conditions.