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Mod Cott


A simple metal volume on a bluff offers targeted views of the lake below. The guesthouse and weekend retreat complements a nearby stone residence and although it is “on the grid”. Rainwater is collected from the roof for household use and the xeriscaping requires no irrigation. The house is oriented to the south, its galvanized metal exterior punctuated by windows that frame vignettes.

A partition wall separates the elongated rectangular interior and supports the lofts structure, which appears to float above the glazed joist spaces. Fir decking creates both ceiling and loft floor, and is repeated in the supersized wainscoting and stair screen wall. Thirteen-foot doors further expand the modest volume, opening to the south to capture the view, prevailing breezes, and sounds of nature.

A home built in the lap of luxury does not have to contain the finest marble or a grand staircase. Mod Cott, a house, basks in the treasures that Mother Nature offers. Mod Cott capitalizes on the rich views of Lake Buchanan that contrast the austerity of the architecture itself. The home is clad in galvanized metal for a sturdy exterior against the elements. The house is met with the theme of simplicity.