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Minimalist Yet Playful


Minimalist Yet Playful

Use these fast ideas to transform the room in a weekend. When it comes to your kitchen, we know there are plenty of less expensive and simpler solutions out there. To transform your kitchen without spending a ton of money, the designer recommends a series of quick fixes that she always considers when renovating: changing the backsplash, painting the cabinets, swapping out the hardware, upgrading the light fixtures and layering with beautiful accessories. First, start with something fast and simple.

Minimalism is the style of the 21st century, stylish, laconic, functional and clean. Designing a kitchen in this style is a great idea because you will get a functional and elegant space with nothing unnecessary in décor. Black and white colors are a timeless combo, and if you are tight on space, choose only white. Stone and concrete are perfect materials for a kitchen as they are very durable, and if you want to add some luxury and warmth, go for natural wood. Look at the stylish examples here and get inspired!

Maximize the light to see every inch and every corner and voila, a perfect minimal kitchen is ready… Instead of buying new cabinetry, you can easily transform the pieces you already own with fresh paint and hardware. New light fixtures will also instantly revamp the space. And when it comes to everything else, interior designers suggest disguising it or reworking it with accessories. Whether your kitchen is a ‘cutting edge’ modern or not in style you cannot go wrong if you select white as your dominant palette.