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Mediterranean Lifestyle


From Spain to Italy, from France to Monaco, from Greece to Turkey, from Malta to Slovenia… From Croatia to Bosnia-Herzegovina, from Montenegro to Albania… From Syria to Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic and to Southern Cyprus, from Lebanon to Israel… From Egypt to Lybia, from Tunusia to Algeria and to Morocco… All the Mediterrenean countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea have similarities in certain areas of life like cuisine, fashion, tastes of life, and in much more common subject.

Mediterranean is a sea between Europe and Africa. Being a Mediterranean country means having a unique lifestyle that belongs to Mediterranean… Growing olives, grapes, truffles, and of course producing olive oils and wines; in short everything that taste nice and healthy for human body.

Well known diets of the Mediterranean region have proven to have special health benefits. Its vegetables and fruits which belong to only Mediterranean region are almost natural medicines for heart health. Vegetables and fruits in every color are also just like a festival for the eyes! Reds, claret reds, greens, oranges, yellows, each one of them act as a decorative element for kitchens.

Its Decoration is Also Peculiar
Decorating according to Mediterranean region is a unique style too. Its shapes, textures, patterns, colors, all carry features which belong to Mediterranean. Comfortable as well as very stylish, civic, and sincere interiors… With its colors and plants which belong to summer season and to sea, a very special lifestyle is Mediterranean lifestyle.

Mediterranean Colors
When we talk about colors which belong to the Mediterranean region, the primary colors that come to mind are of course impressive and striking summer colors whites, blues, yellows, greens… Mediterranean decorating means clean-cut and enjoyable environments.

Dark Blue and White
A Mediterranean Decorating without using dark blue and white can’t even be thought. These two colors are the main colors in Mediterranean decorating basics. Lighter shades of blue and yellow shades are also frequently used other colors in Mediterranean decorating.

Decorative Sea Objects and Patterns
Another well known fact is that objects and patterns which belong to sea are mostly used while decorating in Mediterranean homes. Dried real or resembling to real but fake sea stars, again dried real or resembling to real but fake sea horses, sea shells and stones, even sand are decorative elements used while decorating Mediterranean homes. Patterns of these sea objects are also used on fabrics too.

Silver Plates and Statues
Silver plates and statues for the home interiors and exteriors are also being used while decorating Mediterranean homes. Silver photograph frames, silver candle holders, and silver plates together with sea blue candles are few of the frequently used elements in Mediterranean style decorated homes.