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Loft Apartment by a Spiral Staircase


The challenge to renovate a small apartment into a more spacious and open environment, a loft-style space with a minimalist and at the same time very chic and stylish appearance. The kitchen, dining area and living room are organized around the staircase, complementing each other beautifully. Just completed in 2019. Its original floor plan was a lot more compartmentalized.

Which ultimately resulted in a smaller usable area. The new design is a lot more open and gives this 68 square meter apartment a modern and very fresh vibe. One of the most important elements added is a spiral staircase which connects the main floor to the mezzanine area. The mezzanine floor has glass balustrades which keep it connected to the main floor and to the views.

The apartment has an entire wall made of glass which lets in lots of natural light and frames a beautiful view. The glazed facade has vertical shades which can be operated remotely and which control the amount of light and exposure that the apartment gets. All the different spaces on the entrance floor were merged into a single large area. Staircase sits at the center, is the focal point of the entire volume.