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Light Displays that Shine Bright


Light Displays that Shine Bright

Twinkling, sparkling, light arrangements. They’re easy to create, last all season long, and have a super high success rate for spreading joy. You officially have our blessing to go nuts with them. 1. Delicate, battery-powered chain lights bring a new shine to elegant glass domes. Just arrange them inside for a cosmic, ethereal effect. 2. A bit tired of traditional Christmas trees? Go abstract and create a new wave version with lights. Just arrange the nails, hang the lights, and you’re set.

By the way, this works great for any type of design you might prefer. 3. Bring the night sky into your home. Just start by spraying a blank fabric canvas with glue, and sprinkle it with as much or as little glitter as you please. Then arrange and fasten your light chain on the back of the canvas frame. Enjoy the stars! 4. Give your light chain a sweet touch by decorating it with different types of ribbons and ornaments. We love the feel it gives draped above a bed in place of a headboard.

Need Inspiration? Christmas light ideas that will top windows and doors make a home’s own charming features. It is one of the best parts of the holiday season! Christmas light displays can also be a great inspiration for next year. Home Christmas lights, displays are extremely popular indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations. Impressive small lights can be stringed together. Small units do not make much of a statement on their own, but when used in displays can impress the viewer in a big way.