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Large Stainless Steel Lantern


It provides that perfect outdoor atmosphere with it’s fire baskets and bowls and accessories. A focal point of nights in the outdoors. 20x20x52 Silver stainless steel and glass. Large contemporary indoor/outdoor candle lanterns. Create a stunning display by grouping several sizes together. High quality stainless steel silver candle lanterns make a classic and contemporary accessory for any home.

These tall silver hurricane lanterns make an impressive statement in any part of the home. Whether it be your hallway, fireplace, in the garden or to decorate your wedding. Look great when grouped together in their different sizes. Have been made with a very solid frame making them very practical when used outdoors. Simply fill with a large pillar candle. Made with high grade stainless steel.

Candle lantern decorative cylinder metal lantern. Stainless steel. Silver. Clear glass lantern. Suitable for indoor/outdoor use. Understated and modern, the stainless steel candle lantern features a simple rectangular frame constructed from stainless steel. Glossy silver, reflecting light for a pleasant glitter. Sold in the choice of available size, this lantern comfortably houses candles.