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Lago Space


Lago SpaceThey have designed a room that combines room and reading area. An interior design strategy that allows us to play with spaces in contrast and, in this way, give a broader dimension to the classic bedroom concept. Bedroom “Dream in Colors” – Espacio Lago Mar Vera, Manuel Moreno, Esther Moreno and Víctor Camacho. To develop the proposal, they have taken as a starting point (and point of arrival).

The formal keys of Lake, both in its chromatic field, and in the geometric references of its modular systems. In fact, what we have done has been to start from the classical proportions of the Italian firm and expand them throughout the space through elements such as the decorative ceiling, the wallpaper and the wooden platform. Something like overflowing Lake in a room that is much more than that.

For the wallpaper, designed by them exclusively, they used the same proportions and colors Lake, but splashing the paper with a puff of confetti: a fragmented and dynamic cloud that is inspired by the platform and turns the room into a continuum of forms and colors, reinforced by the artistic installations that complement the stay.