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Jelly Mould


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Deniz Taşkın

You can cook your jelly with peace of mind with its non-flammable feature. A Jelly Mould is a product for shaping savory or sweet gelatin or aspic dishes in.

Once set and turned out of the mould, the jelly is meant to retain the shape of the mould. Jelly Moulds can be made glass, metal or silicone. Older ones were made of pewter, tin or copper.

This plastic jelly mould would be great for parties. High quality jelly mould. Stand out from the crowd with a personalized jelly mould.

Jelly Mould

These jelly moulds are ultra-special, as each one is made to order allowing you to have literally any name under the sun. The Personalized Jelly Mould is completely reusable.

Great for Home Baking

Jelly moulds are ideal for making Individual Jelly Portions and can be used for other cold desserts. Easy to Use. Great for home baking. The jelly moulds are fridge and freezer safe but hand washing is recommended.

One of the Oldest Kitchenware

The mould is one of oldest and best loved kitchenware products, trusted by cooks all over the world. Mould has a rich history of manufacturing kitchen, home and utility wares and today many of iconic products are still made by small teams of skilled people.

Practical and Decorative

Some brands continue to strive to develop invaluable kitchen materials for beauty and efficiency. Every product from these ranges is beautifully made to be both practical and decorative for every kitchen of the homes.


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