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Inventive Nooks that Create Rooms within Rooms

Inventive Nooks that Create Rooms within RoomsLiving in a small space can be trying at times but utilizing quirky, characteristic parts of the room can lead to very inventive uses. Adding nooks is a widely known solution to help make the most of a space when it seems unusable. It can help add division of spaces without having another room or additional square footage. The examples below show that tiny rooms can always go tinier, but in a good way!

With our space-saving bedroom ideas, absolutely any room can be turned into a spacious and tranquil place. Corner shelves are your friend. One of the best room ideas! A little shelf action will surprise you. Even a small, narrow shelf can hold a few of the bedside essentials like phone, books, night light, candles and more. Space-saving room ideas…

Place your day-to-day work essentials on a mini rail and clear place in your wardrobe for shoes and bags. This works wonderfully in a spare nook or corner of your bedroom, and even saves you time in the mornings! Room ideas are all about maximising your place. A great trick is to tuck your bed into a corner or alcove. Try every different angle, even if both ends are between two walls – if it fits, it sits.