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Industrial Wall Clock Vintage Style Rustic Metal


Industrial Wall Clock Vintage Style Rustic MetalIndustrial wall clock. Add an antique touch… Its design complements your industrial decor theme. This metal wall clock is the perfect coordinating piece for your decor. Industrial wall clock is a great choice if you are looking for industrial inspired decor. Boasting vintage inspiration and Parisian charm, the wall clock is a beautiful timepiece. This type of clocks feature an aged black face with black numbering. The lovely black hour and minute numbers are crafted to resemble those found on a pocket watch.

Truly an inspired piece. Composite wood clock face and metal frame. Pocket watch style cursors. Parisian motifs. High quality quartz movement. The romance of French styling is recreated in this clock. Its frame is suggestive of antique elegance. Fusing industrial-inspired style with a pop of glamour, the wall clock instantly enlivens any ensemble. Crafted of metal, it is completed in rustic black around the frame with gleaming white. An openwork design with a Roman numeral dial makes it both sophisticated and stylish.

Try pairing it with a wood dining set for a factory-chic flair in your entertaining space, or put it in the foyer to welcome visitors in distinctive style in your kitchen or living room. This modern wall clock features a rustic roman numeral dial and a warm metallic frame. The wall clock inspires a vintage feel of beauty. Dark metal construction features gracefully scrolling accents, surrounding a vintage-design clock. These clocks showcase a motif, adding authentic charm to this beautiful display.

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