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Importance of Color in Interior Design

Importance of Color in Interior DesignColor decision is the most important detail in a room’s design and decoration. Although color decisions cannot be based solely on information and reasoning, knowledge and technical expertise are basic to understanding interior color. Colors of the wall, furnitures, and curtains will complete your home’s comfort altogether.

You can start with choosing the colors you like most and combine them together. Pick what ever color you take a fancy to, but do not worry about where you will be using the color for now. Just have fun with your choices this will help you reduce the intimidation of choosing a color. This is the first step in overcoming your fear. Additional accessories such as a painting on the wall, vase, flowers, pillows, and lighting will make the room look better.

Lighter, paler, or less intense colours will enlarge the apparent space; darker or more intense colours will shrink it. The impact of color on space is also a question of mood. Colour affects your mood, which in turn affects your perception of a space and your comfort level in it.

An analogous scheme of warm or cool colors will require the addition of an element of the opposite temperature to give the scheme punch. Never forget that warm colours advance and cool colours recede. Paint the walls a cool colour if you want a room to seem larger; if you want it to feel smaller, bathe the walls with a warm colour.

When you want to alter the sense of space in a room, use low-value that means dark colors to draw the walls in around you. Use high-value that means light colors to push them away and make a room appear a bit larger.