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How to Perfectly Pair Your Décor With Your Home’s Architectural Style

How to Perfectly Pair Your Décor With Your Home’s Architectural StyleFrom mid-century to other styles, these expert tips will help you create a cohesive look outside in. Finding a home requires trade-offs, whether in the house or neighborhood. And though it’s not easy to change your neighborhood, you can certainly change the way your home looks and feels. This is why they’re excited to showcase advice from the Trulia Design Panel, an expert group of interior designers, home stagers, and organizers from across the nation, to help people make their house a home.

America’s Most Popular Architectural Styles What architectural style do Americans love most, and where are they most likely to find those homes? To find out, a new Trulia survey conducted online by Harris Poll of more than 2,000 Americans asked and found that the top home styles Americans cite as their favorites are craftsman (43%), ranch (41%), and other (36%). However, this varies by age. Young people, were more likely to favor craftsman-style homes, while others, were more likely favor ranch-style homes.

Despite the popularity of craftsman-style homes, ranch homes are much easier to find on the market. Among all the for-sale home listings on Trulia, the most common architectural styles are colonial, ranch, Cape Cod, and mid-century. Though, state by state, it definitely varies. Everyone wants to take pride in their home. Yet, everyone has a different sense of style. Are you looking for modern interior design ideas that fit your individual home decor? If so, then fortunately you are in the right place.