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Home Decorating Trends 2018

Column DesignStyle Deniz Taşkın
Deniz Taşkın

Home decorating trends 2018. Earthy neutrals and organic interior design ideas.

Home design with brown colors of natural wood, modern home decor using dark woods materials, decorating with organic design, grey colors in interior and light modern living room furniture.

Ideas: 1. Decorating with woven accents. 2. Wall decor with wooden shelves. 3. Earthy neutrals, organics interior design. 4. A light and airy neutral living room with modern and organic-inspired interior design.

Home Decorating Trends 2018

5. Baskets on wall, entryway with lots of textures. 6. Warm rustic design for bedroom. 7. Farmhouse style dining room ideas. 8. Driftwood wall decorating and minimalist interior. And more creative ideas!

For those in seek of inspiration, we have rounded up the decor trends ruling its boards and making an addition in our homes this year.

With 2018 well and truly underway, we’re taking a moment to appreciate the home decor trends this year.

When it comes to home design some things are classic (light grey walls, parquet floors) while some trends come and go. Even just a few years ago people still liked to have separate kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms.

Now, many modern homes have one multi-purpose room that lets people in the kitchen, in the living room. Mixing and matching is the only rule of chic, although wood pieces, lighting, and simple walls tend to make regular appearances. This trend is flexible and comfortable.