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Harmonize Home with One Accent Color


Harmonize Home with One Accent ColorTaking on a complete decor overhaul every season is unrealistic, but small accessory and color updates can work just as well to make the home feel refreshed. Pick a favorite color, for the stylist it was blue, and play with a variety of accessories and textiles in each room to create a theme that ties the whole space together. Opt for light shades and neutral tones for your walls, floors and big pieces of furniture. “It’s easier – and more affordable – to change fabrics and little decorations, or paint small stools and side tables.

It can feel so depressing here in winter because it’s dark most of the day. The pale, spring-like tones help to brighten my mood and give me energy,” says the stylist. “I only post a picture on Instagram if it complements the one next to it! It’s the same in my house – I like each room to flow into the next.” –Blogger, Norway. Steps to color harmony in the home… Choose two or three neutral colors and one or two accent colors. Adding color to the entire home is like adding color to a single room.

By limiting the color palette to three to five colors, your home will feel not cluttered and confusing. Tip: Consider accent colors of a complimentary hue to add interest and contrast to your home. Alternate neutral and accent colors. Once the colors scheme has been selected, consider alternating neutrals with accent colors in the home. Placing bright accent colors side by side may come across too bold and competitive. Neutrals side by side lacks interest and will make the walls appear flat and uninteresting.

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