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GRANBODA – Small, Smart, Flexible

GRANBODA – Small, Smart, FlexibleThe new GRANBODA nest of tables has three small tables that can be moved around to wherever you need them, while its cool, modern design offers extra surface space and storage for tidying away the little things that always seem to go missing… Designed by Jonas Hultqvist, GRANBODA looks good – made in contemporary shades of white and grey – and is easy to live with – its powder-coated steel and plastic finish is wipe-clean and hardwearing.

Plus, the smallest table has a tray-top design, making it possible to store away clutter. Flexible design. Use GRANBODA as three separate side tables or together as one big coffee table. When you need to save space, slide the tables to stack neatly on top of each other. The design makes this piece of furniture easy to place, easy to use for various needs, and easy to match with other furnishings. The smallest table has higher edges that keep items on the table top from sliding off when you move the table.

Ikea’s products are streamlined, flexible, and multi-functional, bringing all kinds of possibilities to even the tiniest of city apartments. So, just how exactly does this brand do it? Every year, the brand embarks on an extensive project to figure out the top desires and pain points of its customers. Fresh homewares designed to make the everyday a little more playful. A durable and easy-care coffee table that is also ideal as a side table. The raised edge makes the table easier to grip and carry.