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Furnish a Flexible and Homey Work Spot


Furnish a Flexible and Homey Work SpotWant a functional and flexible workspace in your living room that doesn’t look like office? Here’s how to set up a workstation in a nook so it blends in with the rest of your interior. Workspaces are functionally flexible and spaces changing in response to business needs. A space can evolve as needed when the right resources are available to change the interior components. Adding an office to a home is possible, no matter the size of your house or living situation.

Here are tips for creating a functional and stylish home work spot. This living room office nook has all the basics you need: a comfy seat, good lighting, and lots of storage. Make it feel more welcoming by coordinating colors and different textures with the rest of your space. Wrap your chair in your favorite throw, use a sleek lamp with a built-in wireless charger and add a couple of plants and a peg board. When work’s done, take away the chair and your desk becomes a sideboard.

If creating an office is important to you, there are several ideas to implement in order to make a functional work spot. You can get your storage to blend in by adding touches of colors and patterns that match the rest of your decor. We used an open customizable shelving unit and added boxes with lids in the same tone for a uniform feel. Just write what’s inside on clips so you can easily find your stuff. Store receipts in a minimal glass vase (these three come as a set and stack together when they are not needed).