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Faux Flowers, a Design Element


How do you feel about using fake plants or flowers in a home? Do you love them for their convenience and undying beauty or are you a fan of fresh or nothing? Freshen up your home or office décor with wide variety of faux flowers. Find faux plants and decorative twigs and create a warm and welcoming home.

You can also choose clocks with bold-colored faces as a design element. Do not be afraid to choose brighter colors and styles that you might not use inside. I’m going to ask you something? Have you ever wondered if a bouquet of flowers are real or not?

Well, sometimes I’m shocked to find that what looks a bit artificial because they are so perfect are actually real and vice-versa. Today’s faux flowers are amazingly lifelike. And there are some other compelling reasons to use artificial flowers. For successful home decorations, learn how to decorate your home with artificial plants and flowers.

Faux Flowers, a Design ElementEnhance the Design
Here are some do’s and don’ts for adding flowers to your room whether they are real or really good fakes. Do choose one single color or close in color to each other and possibly only one type of flower. Do realize that the flowers are a part of the color scheme of the entire room. Don’t be afraid to go big and luxurious. Do put the flowers in pretty containers. ie: porcelain, antique/vintage silver, crystal.

Floral Home Decor
High quality artificial flowers and trees for home interiors as used by interior designers and property developers are recommended. For beautiful home, artificial flowers create a colorful display. Find faux plants and decorative twigs and create a warm and welcoming home. Floral home decor offers elegant, hand-crafted silk flowers, silk flower arrangements, silk wreaths and other home accents for your home.

Modern alternative to fake flowers?
What are some of the things you can use in small and/or large vases that are not as short-lived as fresh flowers and not as lame as fake flowers? I should probably add that I love bright colors. Paper flowers, like these? Also check out the ones made from book pages and maps. They are obviously not real so they’re not tacky like flowers that are trying to pretend they are real, instead they are arty and pretty and can be very colorful. A quick google search has many examples.

Good Fake Versions
Flowers on flowering branches can last a while. What about branches from various types of trees? Are you open to potted flowers instead of fresh? Beautiful orchids and African violets can last despite total neglect. There are a bunch of articles like this that might help if want to go that route.

Use Glass Vases and Water
Any interest in making fake flowers less lame? The way to do it is get good looking ones and arrange them with real greenery. Cut leafy branches off the flower for this. Have a few different types of flowers so you can blend in vase. You want it to look like cut flowers from a garden, not like trashy flowers. Use glass vases and add water. Let a couple leaves stay when they drop off.

Flower Arrangement Design
Prefer luxury artificial flowers and plants to last a lifetime. Floral arrangements and accessories in home decor, interior design, decorating create a warm and welcoming home. Fake flowers as accessories in home decor actually look pretty good. These faux florals are popping up in surprisingly stylish settings.