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Elegant Porcelain Cups


Elegant Porcelain CupsTable settings will be complete when you set them with these coffee cups, tea cups, cappuccino cups, and saucers. Serve your signature hot beverages in the selection of coffee cups, Turkish coffee cups, tea cups, and cappuccino cups! Whether someone orders a classic cup of coffee and hot tea, or they want a latte, hot chocolate, or other signature drink, these porcelains are sure to meet your serving needs. Compatible saucers, as well, to place under your cups to prevent drips from dropping onto the tabletop.

Coffee cups and tea cups are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, colors, and materials. Choose from durable melamine cups and saucers for use in your high traffic diner, or check out the elegant porcelain mugs for use in your restaurant or café. When you invest in the coffee cups, tea cups, cappuccino cups, and saucers, you’ll be able to offer coffee and other hot drinks any time of the day. Serve hot tea with breakfast or coffee with after-dinner dessert. Add a hint of style to your favorite morning.

You can even use saucers to present scones, muffins, and other pastries. White coffee cup and saucer, an overture of grace and simplicity. Dressing up or down with ease, its elegant appearance belies its everyday durability. Trim, crisp lines in bright white porcelain; extensive array of pieces to choose from. Easy care. Details. Cup and saucer: Porcelain. Start your mornings off right with any of the coffee mugs or tea cups–made from crack-resistant porcelain that truly lasts.

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