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Drone Flying House

Drone Flying HouseFrom jetpacks to flying cars: How we’ll travel in the future. This drone flying house boat is a concept for the future of holiday travel. The idea, which involves your house being carried to a destination by a large personal drone, first made an appearance in a report commisioned by Samsung`s SmartThing app. Flying cars are popular among futurists looking at transport. This concept for personal travel in 20 years. The designers expect we`ll see places like this in the next 30 years.

How the flying houses will be, after 100 years in the future. Drone keeps the house on the air. You will be able to move!! in case. Besides, to the outer space with drones. It will be an era when it will be easy to go! It is based on the report made. Even now it’s a drone just came out. In the future, one drone will become commonplace for the family. Even the furniture will be adaptable and adjustable. Holidays through the use of technology can be with such a house like this flying drone house.

Smart living. According to the report, we can expect some pretty remarkable changes to our homes and our personal spaces, to say nothing of those ordinary, overlooked things that make up so much of our daily routine. As human populations soar, our cities and homes will have to adapt; interior living spaces will change as a cloud changes, easily reconfigured and rearranged to suit our fickle tastes, or accommodate different purposes. One hundred years in the future, we’ll be living in smart homes.