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Dress Up a Seasonal Table

Column DesignStyle Deniz Taşkın
Deniz Taşkın

Deniz Taşkın: Dress up a seasonal table setting with painterly dinnerware. Thanksgiving is on the way… The original watercolor artwork represented on these salad plates was created in design studio, and features finely detailed brushstrokes and shading for an artisanal look.

Pair them with the matching style platter for a coordinated presentation. Similar watercolor salad plates are mostly made of a glazed stoneware and features a decal turkey design.

Thanksgiving dining table decor and setting should be according to this very special day we celebrate with our families and loved ones.

Dress Up a Seasonal TableChic Thanksgiving Decor
Tablecloths, plates, glasses, cutlery sets and table decor are all included in Thanksgiving table design.

Silver and Gold Accessories
Accessories in silver and gold color are ideal for Thanksgiving table decorations.

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