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Dish Drying Mat Dark Grey


This is an easy and quick way to dry the mat and more drying space more. The drying mat also contains a drainage dish that soaks the water that drips down the drain… The water from the drip plates flows directly from the sink – the counter remains dry.


Long: 44 cm Wide: 36 cm

Useful Information:

This dish drying is an easy and fast way to get more drying space than your dishes.
Drying, sucking water from the dishwasher, take part in the dish.
By folding it or hanging it on a hook.

Washing up getting you down? New tools that make washing the dishes more enjoyable.

Useful in Knowledge:

Smart and smart. The machine helps cleanly and tidy. get more soot more and this drying cover or puddle inflated.
From a food waste caddy, a dish brush, cleaning pads and dishcloths to different drying racks, drying mats, and a sink organizer – these stylish Sink Side specials are with you every step of the way.