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Decorating Trends 2017


Decorating Trends 2017Sleek clean lines, a new fresh look continue to be popular in furniture. Unusual materials are showing up in the new year. Enjoy a big surprise now with these 2017 living room design suggestions. Designing a new living room can be the new year solution. Pillows with patterns are always popular and trendy. These nice deer are all decked out to bring a layer of fun to holiday decor. When it comes to home décor, 2016 was the year of everything from woven wall hangings to Scandinavian-inspired interiors and decor.

And as the year winds down, soon enough your thoughts will most likely wander to a home refresh. So it’s worth exploring the top decorating trends that will likely be on repeat in homes across the country, and possibly in your own abode. We checked in with interior designers for their 2017 decorating forecast and some easy pointers on how to make these ideas your own. These trends are chic, inspiring, and (fortunately) don’t require a complete room overhaul. One of the biggest departures in 2017 is lighting.

Large dramatic lighting has moved from the foyer and into the rest of the home. Whether it’s a big vintage chandelier or a series of large blown glass globes, lighting creates mood, atmosphere, and romance for your home. It’s also a great way to bring your personality into a room and like paint can be a quick and easy way to complete change the look of your kitchen or bedroom. Tying into the “modern farmhouse look” lighting fixtures also allow you to combine a vintage, rustic, neutral look with a modern twist.