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Decorating for Spring Season


To make preparation for spring months, we should adjust our homes according to this warming weather. Spring is the time for renewals at home environment, using fresh bright colours, and putting beautiful flowers to gardens or to balconies. In these days spring cleaning starts at homes and people want to have a home that is fresh as the new season. This article is for you to get new ideas for spring projects and decorating in your homes.

Where to start for spring decorating? Which colours to use most? Which colours not to use during spring months? Which new furniture additions to make these days, and which accessories we should use in our homes in warm spring days… Answers to all these questions in your minds are here. If you haven’t started to make any spring cleaning or spring decorating in your homes, you can take notes on what you should do first.

Decorating for Spring SeasonLet Us Determine the Colours of the Season
Spring months include a very colourful scheme like blue, pink, lilac, purple, yellow, red, orange, green, grey, and of course brown from light shades to dark shades of it, let’s say from beige to taupe and to dark brown. Any spring fruit and spring vegetable colour you can think of are the colours you can use inside your home, at your garden and at your balcony. Not all the people live in large houses, people who live in apartments have balconies of their homes. So these people will decorate their balconies instead of gardens. People who have homes with gardens can decorate their gardens in the same way.

Blend Light Colours with Vibrant Colours
In the spring months it’ll be better to blend light colours with vibrants colours. For instance when we choose white, we should add green and orange near it to blend spring colours. Or when we choose taupe, we should add blue and red near it to blend the light and vibrant colours. As a third colour blend idea, when we choose beige, we should choose pink and purple to blend these colours with style. After capturing the colour harmony with each other, the rest is very easy.

Light Furniture Instead of Heavy Ones
In homes during the spring months, it is always good to put spring furniture if we have to opportunity to do this. Instead of heavy style winter furniture with carvings and fancy, we should buy spring furniture with plain lines that are modern and simple. We don’t even have to use carpets at homes during spring and summer, of course this changes depending on the likes and tastes of the peple living at that home. In short, we better try to use less furniture in homes in spring season.

Thin Tulle Curtains or Thin Shades for Windows
Spring will also reflect itself to our windows too! We should hang light thin tulle curtains or light thin shades like the spring itself. Choosing light colours for curtains or shades will block sun light in the long sunny days of spring time. If you like colourful curtains or shades, you should try to decide on one plain colour or bicolour vibrant colours. Curtains or shades with just a few patterns can be nice too, but too much pattern can be boring. Of course this also depends on the people’s likes and tastes who will in that home. Finally, mix and match light colours with vibrant colours and don’t forget to use light spring furniture for spring decorating in homes!