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Decorating According to Horoscopes

Deniz Taşkın

Your astrological sign holds the key to your home style and taste. It is very easy to learn how to decorate your home in the best way for your zodiac sign. Which colors dominate in your home? Reds, whites, beiges, browns, greys, blues, pinks, purples, or perhaps blacks? These are all certain hints about your personality as well as your horoscope!

As astrologers say when we talk about people’s characters, we even without knowing talk about their horoscopes’ characteristics too. People who read about astrology may like to decorate their homes according to their astrological signs. If a person has no interest in astrology, she/he can decorate as she/he wishes to. But again the colors and styles we choose prove what our astrological signs are.

Follow the steps I will write here If you are interested in astrology and if you would like to decorate your home according to your astrological sign. You may already have a home design which has astrological objects in it but you may want to improve your home decor after you read my article, who knows! I will not write from the first horoscope to the last, but will write it in a mixed order, so find your own if you wonder how to decorate through horoscopes.

Decorating According to HoroscopesCapricorn
Social and wise Capricorns like artsy, showy but also warm, sincere and civic homes. Capricorns who are fond of nature, like to keep both golden colored decorative goods and artsy furnishings, and also live flowers and plants. A home design with classical and modern furniture together with antique contributions in it are absolutely for positive Capricorns. These hygienic people give place to a lot of white color in their homes.

Realistic and smart Taureans like to apply a realistic home design too. A home furnished comfortably, modern and merely is exactly for Taureans. Ground shades, white, dark blue, grey colors form color choices of Taureans in their homes. Many of them also hang completely decorative production Taurus horns onto their homes’ wall. A home with green garden or at least close to nature, together with sports facilities and areas is an ideal home type for Taurus.

Creative and productive Pisceans like to decorate their homes with nice details a lot. Furniture style they prefer is modern. They like white furniture as well as colorful ones. They like stylish home environments with chic pieces. They don’t forget to bring small decorative objects to their homes from the places they travel. To zing up their white shades dominated homes with colorful objects will be a good decision for elegant and intellectual Pisceans.

It is never difficult to create a warm home environment for constructive and modest Sagittarians who like to use mere and chic furnishings together. Modern, classical and even antique goods may find place in well-rounded and sophicticated Sagittarians’ homes. For these people who like a calm life, a minimalist style furnished home will be a good choice. Light colored furnishings, nice figurines or artworks are the details which adorn Sagittarians’ homes.

Distant and sensitive Virgoans like to live in a home close to nature or they like to put some plants in their gardens or balconies. A home designed in nature colors will be a suitable home concept for Virgoans. Virgoans prefer less furniture instead of too much, and a modern home decoration. They like to form a home that is not ordinary.

Calm and mysterious Cancereans prefer to live in homes where modern and classical elements are together. Cancerians who like to spend time in their homes don’t neglect to bring decorative accessories to their homes from the countries they travel. They like to put several ornaments belonging to their hobbies on the fireplace in their homes.

Polite and restless Librans like to follow trends and buy innovation to their homes as much as possible. Even they don’t have that much interest to adornment, nevertheless they enjoy furnishing their homes nicely. Librans who like to travel, prefer to place very elegant leather furniture while decorating their home’s living room.

For talkative and go-go Gemini, home decor is important and they like to form their homes according to innovations. They like to live in a modern home environment that has a showy atmosphere with latest technological equipments. Gemini enjoy travelling and meeting new people and never forget to bring decorative accessories to their homes from any places they travel.

For impatient and insistent Aries, a home decor should be with a combination of both classical and also modern furnishings. They like antique pieces and enjoy to give place to these antique pieces while decorating their homes. Nevertheless their homes are neither very showy nor very mere. A home environment with essential furniture and electronic equipments is enough for Aries.

Domestic and friendly Aquarians don’t like very expensive home decorations. They like to put sweetscented incenses in their homes’ living rooms to create a more relaxed and inviting home atmosphere. Although they like modern and beautiful goods, on the other hand they somehow can’t throw away the old furnishings.

Restive and curious Scorpions prefer a lean home design and put necessary furniture in it. That type of a home decor is enough for Scorpions. In case of need they don’t neglect to buy latest technological gadgets. Scorpions like to live a warm family home environment a lot.

Energetic and thrifty Leos like to form their homes without forcing their budgets. They enjoy choosing decorous furniture and objects for their homes’ decoration. Instead of too much furniture, modern and useful homes with less furniture are right for Leos. These people like to turn their homes into a comtemporary condition with nice decorative accessories.