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Decorate with Greenery for the Holidays


Decorate with Greenery for the HolidaysSometimes simple plants and flowers can be the most striking. Here are a few ways we love to brighten up the home with natural elements. 1. There’s no need to over complicate your floral arrangements when the flowers are this beautiful. Mix a few of your favorite cuts and a even a branch or two, for a just-thrown-together look. 2. Could there be a more relaxing way to rise in the morning? Fragrant eucalyptus sprigs hung with twine from your bed create a gorgeous, natural frame, and freshen the air all at once.

3. Add a bit of low-key drama to your dining table by lacing a chandelier with sprigs of fresh-cut eucalyptus or other greens (VINTER has loops along the bottom to run the stems through). It’s like dining under the boughs of your favorite tree. Create a magical scene with festive holiday garland, wreaths, swags and more. Learn how to make your fresh holiday greenery last through the season. Whether greenery is hung in the heat of your house or the cold air outside. Holiday wreaths.