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Create an Outdoor Living Room

Create an Outdoor Living RoomTransform your outside space into a living room with different zones so the whole family can spend time together no matter what they want to do! Check out how outdoor furniture and smart storage solutions maximize your options and minimize clutter. AN AREA FOR ENTERTAINING AND EATING. Encourage conversation by moving a couple of the seating sections around the table so everybody can see each other. Bring out a movable cart from the kitchen to use as a side table and a place to store cutlery, napkins and glassware.

Get some plates from the cabinet and invite your friends over for a delicious meze platter and mouth-watering juices. A great way to end every day! Combine different sections of the outdoor seating to create a sofa that suits your space. Want to make the room more cozy? It’s easy to change things up. Put the rattan armchair against the wall and push the seating sections together to make a big day-bed! Let the nesting tables work as side tables for books and magazines, or as a pedestal for a plant.

Ready for an afternoon nap? Grab a few soft blankets and fluffy cushions from the cabinet and relax in the sun. As spring arrives, it’s nice to be able to do the same things that we do inside, outside. Create a relaxing spot where you can focus while others hang out close by. A curtain doubles up as a room divider, so you can choose whether you want to work in privacy or socialize. Stay comfortable with an adjustable chair and a desk at the right height. Store your laptop or tablet in the large cabinet when you’ve finished!