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Contemporary Japanese Floral Design


These delicate blooms capture the essence of spring but transcend seasons. The timeless poetry of blossom-bedecked branches and delicate blooms lends an ethereal beauty to fabrics, furnishings and fashion. What’s trending for 2017? We’ve rounded up the all seasons’s top floral looks.

It is not typical to see a lot of colorful floral arrangements in a Japanese home, so whatever plant you choose, keep it simple, natural and green. Japanese style evolves around clean and uncluttered living, holding tightly to balance, order, ancient customs and a love for natural beauty.

One word sums it up : Zen. Yes, peaceful simplicity surrounds the modest designs of Japanese culture. Thousands of years steeped in tradition have influenced Japan’s architecture and interior design aesthetic, resulting in a serene and very cultural interior design.

Contemporary Japanese Floral Design

Zen Meditating Space
When one understands the ancient tea ceremonies and lifestyles of the Japanese— the culture immediately becomes very endearing and worth replicating in our everyday lives. If for any other reason, let’s mimic Japanese style in order to bring a little bit of their well-honed Zen into our own lifestyles. Couldn’t we all use a little bit of peace and harmony in our homes?

Japanese Interior Design
Since Japanese interior design has this tranquil decorating touch perfected, let’s look at the ways to add some of this becalming style into your home today. You may want to visit some of the most ingenious Japanese home designs, as well.

Elements of Nature
Japanese culture is saturated in a love and respect for nature. The best way to maintain a strong connection with the natural world, is to bring nature indoors. Adding traditional Japanese plants, such as bonsai and bamboo, into your home will give it a small Japanese cultural touch.

Japanese Style Interiors
Really though, you can add any sort of deep greenery and still achieve a similar style. Consider adding sleek plants such as palm or orchid to your home. It is not typical to see a lot of colorful floral arrangements in a Japanese home, so whatever plant you choose, keep it simple, natural and green.

Brings Nature Indoors
Japanese homes also bring nature inside through large, expansive windows that allow a view of nature from every angle. Like this bedroom, featured below, the large sliding glass door brings serene, natural views indoors. Open up your home to the wonders of nature today.

Sliding Doors Or Screens
An authentic Japanese screen is called a Shoji, and it is an essential design element in Japanese homes. Due to the high cost of housing, Japanese homes tend to be small and a lot of residents rent apartments, so conserving every square inch of space is essential. Unlike doors, these Shoji’s slide back and forth, saving space that a swinging door would take up.